Applications & Benefits of Polyurethane Spray Foam


  1. SPF forms can be sprayed on existing or new roof and on a flat or sloped roof.
  2. SPF creates a monolithic, self flashing, seamless roof covering using high density foam.
  3. SPF because it is seamless it is leakproof
  4. SPF conforms to whatever it is sprayed on and adheres to almost any substrate.
  5. SPF reduces structural damage caused by high winds and strengthens buildings from 75-200%
  6. SPF is a long-lasting,  highest R-value per inch energy-efficient roof, lowering cooling costs
  7. SPF is wind resistant to Dade County Building Codes.
  8. SPF is lightweight, reducing risk of deck saging.
  9. SPF seals crevices and prevents ponding on roofs.

The application of sprayed foam to steel deck and plywood deck demonstrated uplift load resistance up to the
capacity of the test equipment to develop load (160 – 165 psf) without any sign of delamination or other damage to the foam
-Underwriters Laboratory, Inc.


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